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We Optimize Brands Through Strategic Marketing and Culture Transformation




“At Seroka Industrial Branding, we are the only industrial marketing and branding firm that builds stronger brands through implementing core elements of Six Sigma and Kaizen methodologies to drive growth, sales, and cultures of continuous improvement.”
Scott Seroka, Six Sigma LBBP — President | Author | Speaker


Let’s get right to the point

Statistically, there is greater than a 70% chance your industrial brand and company culture is holding you back from winning new business and attracting a quality, skilled workforce. If any of the questions below make you feel uneasy, it may be time to retool your industrial brand and quite possibly rehabilitate your company culture.
Does your company have a strong value proposition that converts leads into customers?
Are your products
an easy sell for your sales reps and channel partners?
Is your company perceived as one of the leaders in your industry?
thumbs up
Which of your competitors makes you
Is your company culture operating at peak performance?

What we do:

We help industrial companies win more business and increase profitability by building stronger relationships with customers through comprehensive industrial branding and industrial marketing strategies.

We also work with senior leadership to create healthy, top-performing company cultures of continuous improvement and optimized productivity by strengthening relationships with employees, companywide.

Our proven approach is straight-forward and highly efficient. Find out by reading a few testimonials below.


“Seroka’s team has been extremely accessible and has always made us feel that we were their #1 customer. I would recommend working with Seroka for any company looking to grow not just the top line but also the mindset of their organization.”
– Tim Carpenter, President | Rexnord



Desert Aire

“Scott had a process that he led my executive team and I through that allowed us the ability to dive deep into what the key attributes were of the company and its products. With the process that Scott utilizes he helped us maintain our focus and complete the steps in a timely fashion.  He truly became a key partner in helping my team and I chart a course for our new brand.” – Keith Coursin, President | Desert Aire

Waukesha Bearings Corporation

“Seroka’s process was exactly what we were looking for. They brought experience and expertise to the discovery process that helped our team define Waukesha’s unique selling proposition and message our brand essence and promise. Internally, our global staff knows who we are and what we stand of; externally, our customers and channel partners have a much clearer view of how we create value to help them win.” – Jay Burnette, President | Waukesha Bearings Corporation

Armada Analytics

“At Armada Analytics, we needed to create a stronger brand to solidify our market position and provide clarity to who we are and what we stand for. Aside from Seroka’s ability to take us through the entire branding process, they also provided intelligent insights and ideas about how to organize and inspire a culture of excellence in everything we do. Their actions always demonstrated a genuine desire for our success.” – Matt Legge, CEO | Armada Analytics

Independent Business Association of Wisconsin

“As a member of the IBAW board, Scott has made quite a lot of valuable and meaningful contributions to our organization. He has provided guidance and support for our branding and marketing initiatives and has also authored a lot of great content for the IBAW magazine. One of the things I value most about our relationship is that I know I can call him at any time for any reason, and he is always eager to help in any way he can.” – Steve Kohlman, Executive Director | Independent Business Association of Wisconsin


Argus Technical Services

“Scott is great to work with. I find him to be very knowledgeable and insightful on brand development and brand strategy. He also has a keen understanding of how to organize a culture that motivates employees to stay focused on living and breathing an organization’s brand. I would recommend Scott to any company interested in building a stronger brand and culture.” – Paul Campbell, Regional Director | Argus Technical Services

Corporate Design Interiors

“The quality and depth of the feedback Scott acquired provided us with the insights we needed to make necessary changes and improvements to our culture, so that we may strengthen relationships – with each other internally, and with our customers. Scott was a pleasure to work with, provided significant value to CDI, and we plan on continuing our partnership with him in the future.” Jed Justman, President | Corporate Design Interiors



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