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eBook: 19 Ways Your Brand Makes a First Impression

Table of Contents

Impression #1: Your Website
Impression #2: Your Online Presence
Impression #3: Your Marketing Materials
Impression #4: The Incoming Phone Call
Impression #5: The Customer Visit
Impression #6: Preparing for a Meeting
Impression #7: How You Present Yourself
Impression #8: Your Handshake
Impression #9: Your Headshot
Impression #10: Trade Shows
Impression #11: Your Packaging
Impression #12: Your Response Time
Impression #13: Your Salespeople
Impression #14: Your Elevator Pitch
Impression #15: How You and Your People Treat Others
Impression #16: Your Workshops and Presentations
Impression #17: Your Webinars
Impression #18: Your Pricing
Impression #19: Your Service and Delivery Vehicles
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Poor first impressions can spook prospective customers, giving them good reasons to disregard a brand and explore others.

“It could be something small, such as a poorly designed website, the demeanor or personality of the receptionist’s voice when answering the phone, or a salesperson who is slow to follow up on an email. It could be a salesperson showing up 12 minutes late to a meeting who doesn’t feel the need to apologize or the person sitting behind a trade show booth swiping the screen on his or her iPhone while visitors (ahem, interested prospects the company needs to survive) come and go.”

After reading this book, you’ll have a deeper understanding of how important and influential first impressions really are to the overall success of your business.

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