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Why Seroka Industrial Branding?

Six ways we are different than other branding agencies and consultants

First, Seroka Industrial Branding uniquely applies Six Sigma and Kaizen methodologies to develop, rehabilitate, rebuild and re-energize brands to drive sales and growth.

Second, where most agencies and brand consultants walk away once the new brand has been created, we get to work immediately on the most important part of the brand development process: activating the brand.

This is done by training key players, including managers, employees and other key stakeholders throughout the entire organization on how to live and breathe the brand.

Third, everything we do is measurable and tied to KPIs. You know the saying – if it can’t be measured it can’t be managed. In other words, there’s nothing “soft” about branding and culture because culture alone drives performace in every area of an organization.

Fourth, we will never adopt the unpopular trend (and shortcut) of burdening our clients with hours-long homework assignments to complete and return before getting started on projects and initiatives. It’s not how we operate. Rather, we engage in meaningful dialogues with our clients about their business and goals so that we may develop the deepest possible understanding of who they are and how we can help.

Fifth, we guarantee quality and dependability. We “get it.” Our clients can count on us to provide high value, high quality products and services, delivered on time. Our clients appreciate that they don’t need to follow up with us.

And sixth, Seroka Industrial Branding operates with a continuous improvement mindset. We challenge our clients to fight the status quo by continually providing them with fresh ideas and insights. We are able to do this by staying on top of industry trends, technologies, and being visionaires. 

Our belief: A brand will never achieve excellence or reach its full potential unless everyone understands the brand, embraces the brand, and most importantly, believes in the brand. This is why we place such a heavy emphasis on brand activation – leading the process of improving and optimizing company culture. 

Contact us today to get started on building a stronger brand and culture for your company.

Leadership Team

Scott Seroka BW

Scott Seroka, Six Sigma LBBP | President | Author | Speaker

Scott has built corporate brands, product brands, employer brands, and cultural infrastructures for numerous companies in the manufacturing and mortgage industries, ranging from global Fortune 500 organizations to smaller, privately held firms.

He is a Six Sigma Lean Black Belt Professional and is adept at employing Six Sigma and Kaizen methodologies to create strong, lasting brands and the cultures to support them.

As a long-time advocate for small businesses in Wisconsin, Scott also sits on the Board of Directors for the IBAW and speaks regularly at industry and corporate events on the topics of company branding, employer branding, and company culture.

Scott resides in Oconomowoc, Wisconsin, with his wife and daughter. He is an avid candid photographer, and in his former life, he performed at The Second City improvisational theater in Chicago and was a stand-up comic in the Chicago and Milwaukee areas.


Pat Seroka | CEO

Pat founded the agency in 1987, the natural culmination from years spent studying why people select one brand over another and the motivations behind brand selection. His agency’s reputation built rapidly gaining national recognition for its capabilities in brand development. Pat has been named Entrepreneur of the Year and has been frequently published in numerous industry publications. He is a member of the Porsche Club, holds a Competition Racing License for weekend fun, and enjoys traveling with his wife Linda.
Amy Hamsen BW

Amy Hansen | Vice President Public Relations and Strategic Planning

Amy brings more than 20 years of marketing experience to her clients and plays a leading role in guiding campaign strategies. Throughout her career, Amy has established strong relationships with clients, key media and industry associations. Most of her free time is spent at one of her son’s sporting events or with her family and friends.

Rachel Sawicki | Account Supervisor

Rachel helps clients put the spark back in their marketing. Whether she is helping clients secure coverage with media outlets or increase their brand awareness on social media, Rachel is driven by her clients’ successes. Prior to working for Seroka, Rachel spent over 12 years working for various agencies and corporations managing their marketing activities. She also worked as the Communications Director for the city of Williston in North Dakota during the oil boom where she had the opportunity to work with business leaders and media outlets from all over the world. In her free time, Rachel enjoys spending time with family and friends, running, yoga, gardening, and baking.

Herb Guenther | Director of Digital Marketing Strategy

Herb oversees SEO/SEM services and is part of the Digital Marketing team for clients. He leverages his engineering background in electrical and computer engineering to gain marketing insights from big data tools. He has 25 years of experience creating and optimizing websites for various clients in financial, medical, manufacturing, and other industries.

When not working, he enjoys gardening and cycling with friends and family along with his parrot Sammy.

Quote: “Data drives insight drives action. Rinse and repeat.”

Why Seroka Industrial Branding?

Read what some of our clients have to say.

Seroka’s team has been extremely accessible and has always made us feel that we were  their #1 customer. I would recommend working with Seroka for any company looking to grow not just the top line but also the mindset of their organization.
– Tim Carpenter, President

“Scott Seroka had a process that he led my executive team and I through that allowed us the ability to dive deep into what the key attributes were of the company and its products. With the process that Scott utilizes he helped us maintain our focus and complete the steps in a timely fashion.  He truly became a key partner in helping my team and I chart a course for our new brand.” – Keith Coursin, President

“Seroka’s process was exactly what we were looking for. They brought experience and expertise to the discovery process that helped our team define Waukesha’s unique selling proposition and message our brand essence and promise. Internally, our global staff knows who we are and what we stand of; externally, our customers and channel partners have a much clearer view of how er create value to help them win.” – Jay Burnette, President

“At Armada Analytics, we needed to create a stronger brand to solidify our market position and provide clarity to who we are and what we stand for. Aside from Seroka’s ability to take us through the entire branding process, they also provided intelligent insights and ideas about how to organize and inspire a culture of excellence in everything we do. Their actions always demonstrated a genuine desire for our success.” – Matt Legge, CEO

“As a member of the IBAW board, Scott has made quite a lot of valuable and meaningful contributions to our organization. He has provided guidance and support for our branding and marketing initiatives and has also authored a lot of great content for the IBAW magazine. One of the things I value most about our relationship is that I know I can call him at any time for any reason, and he is always eager to help in any way he can.” – Steve Kohlman, Executive Director.

“Scott is great to work with. I find him to be very knowledgeable and insightful on brand development and brand strategy. He also has a keen understanding of how to organize a culture that motivates employees to stay focused on living and breathing an organization’s brand. I would recommend Scott to any company interested in building a stronger brand and culture.” – Paul Campbell, Regional Director