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Discover how your brand is perceived with our  brand assessments


Our Corporate Brand and Employer Brand Assessments


Corporate Brand Assessment

Stay in the know of of how your customers perceive your brand’s performance in the areas of product quality and service delivery. Our brand assessments go deep into areas, such as:

  • What thoughts come to mind when your customers hear your name or see your logo
  • How your company performs in up to 12 key performance indicator (KPI) categories
  • How well expectations are met
  • What competing companies customers were considering before selecting your company
  • Top reasons customers selected your company and how well their needs are being met
  • Perceived strengths and weaknesses
  • How loyal customers are to your company
  • Other feedback, as needed or desired

Employee Brand Assessment

Your employees can offer deep and valuable insights into your brand’s performance. They see and hear things things executive leadership doesn’t see or hear, some have direct customer contact and have opinions about how your brand could improve. Take advantage of their knowledge and insights. With our employee brand assessment, you will learn:

  • Thoughts that come to mind when employees think of your company
  • What they believe your brand stands for
  • How they believe your company is performing in up to 12 key performance indicator (KPI) categories
  • How well they believe your company delivers on its unique value propositions
  • How well they believe your perform compared to your competitors
  • How they define the quality of customer relationships and their loyalty
  • Perceived strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats and trends
  • Other feedback, as needed or desired

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