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Brand Development
and Strategy

Your brand served you well in the past, but your company evolved, or your industry has changed.

Is it time to regroup and redefine the value you bring to your customers?

If so, before embarking on a brand development initiative and creating an updated industrial marketing plan, we will start with a brand assessment to identify precisely how your brand is perceived and valued by your customers and employees. The reason is because we’ll need to create some benchmarks early on so that we can measure changes, growth and improvements along the way.

The results of your brand assessment will reveal brand attributes your customers value the most while identifying areas for growth and opportunity. It will also reveal how much your employees believe in your brand and what it stands for. After all, if your employees aren’t strong advocates of your brand, it will not be possible for your company to take on a leadership position in your industry and the markets you serve.  

Once your brand assessment is complete, we will, in the following order…

  • Engage in a thorough competitive assessment to gain an understanding of how each of your competitors are positioned in the marketplace.
  • Schedule a brand discovery workshop. During this workshop, we will drill deep into the heart and soul of your company – its  purpose, mission, vision and values to identify the best way to position your corporate brand to accelerate your sales process, grow market share and maximize profits.
  • Take your new brand through a series of tests to validate its intended message and purpose.
  • Provide the framework and process for an effective and engaging internal brand rollout event to ensure brand understanding and buy-in internally before launching it to your customers and other stakeholders.
  • Create a company culture strategy to make sure everyone internally understands, and knows how to deliver on your brand promise. (Seroka Industrial Branding provides full implementation services to improve your company culture.)
  • Create your external industrial marketing and communications plan to market and promote your new brand to new and existing customers.

So, let’s schedule a time to connect and we can discuss taking the first step with a simple brand assessment.


Brand metrics we improve

      • Awareness

      • Relevance

      • Consideration

      • Credibility

      • Sales

      • More…

We will find out how your brand is viewed by...

      • Employees

      • Customers

      • End-users

      • Channel partners

      • Sales reps

      • Other…

Brand Development & Restoration

      • Identify the unique set of distinctions your company owns that make a positive difference in the lives of your customers.
      • Tell prospective customers precisely why they should do business with you!

How we make sure your brand succeeds

      • Validation
      • Values blueprint
      • Integration into culture
      • Ongoing measurement and evaluations

Schedule a call with us to talk about how we can measure your brand’s performance through a brand assessment.

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