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Company Culture

An unhealthy company culture is a breeding ground for toxicity that leads to conflict, drains on morale, and low employee engagement which impacts sales and profits.

Culture: The social construct of a group of people driven by shared beliefs, behaviors and values.

An unhealthy company culture not only impacts profitability; it also brands the company as a poor place to work, as employees circulate through the revolving door. And thanks to sites like, it’s especially challenging to shed a poor employer brand reputation.

If you struggle to attract and retain a quality workforce, it may be time to do a company culture assessment to identify where to focus your attention for improvement.

Let’s schedule a time to talk so that we may discuss taking the first step with a simple company culture assessment. It would be beneficial to know what obstacles may be getting in the way of maintaining a culture of excellence and continuous improvement, and one where your people love coming to work every day to give you their best.

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Culture Metrics We Improve

      • Attracting and retaining quality employees
      • Teamwork/collaboration
      • Cooperation
      • Productivity
      • Engagement
      • Attendance
      • Focus
      • Honesty
      • Communication
      • Conscientiousness
      • Accuracy
      • Innovation
      • Quality
      • Safety
      • Successful outcomes to change
      • Competitive spirit
      • Product quality and service delivery
      • Customer experiences
      • Stronger customer relationships
      • Customer loyalty
      • Customer referrals
      • Employer brand and reputation
      • Employee referrals
      • Protection from poaching and wage wars
      • New business acquisition

Culture Goals

      • Keep everyone’s eye on the ball 
      • Build enthusiasm around the brand 
      • Promote a competitive and winning mindset
      • Give people meaningful reasons to believe in the brand
      • Eliminate negativity
      • Continuous improvement

Contact us today to learn how we can measure the performance of your culture through a culture assessment.

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