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Company Culture

An unhealthy company culture is a breeding ground for toxicity that leads to conflict, drains on morale, and low employee engagement impacting sales, profits and customer relationships.

Culture: The social construct of a group of people driven by shared beliefs, behaviors and values.

Times are rapidly changing in terms of what employees and job candidates are looking for in an employer. Ghosting, quiet quitting, and acting your wage (the term used to describe employees who feel they are underpaid) have become the new norms and struggles frustrating many employers.

But not all of them.

Those companies learning how to adapt to the wants and needs of today’s and tomorrow’s employees are winning the war on attracting and retaining a high-value, high-quality workforce. And it all starts with company culture. If you think about it, it’s no different than adapting to the needs and wants of today’s and tomorrow’s customers and channel partners.

An unhealthy or toxic company culture not only impacts profitability; it also brands the company as a poor place to work as employees circulate through the revolving door. And thanks to sites like, it’s especially challenging to shed a poor employer brand reputation.

If you struggle to attract and retain a quality workforce, it may be time to do a company culture assessment (employee engagement survey) to identify the strengths and weaknesses of your company’s culture so that you may know where to focus your attention for improvement.

Let’s schedule a time to talk. It would be beneficial to know what obstacles may be getting in the way of maintaining a culture of excellence and continuous improvement, and one where your people love coming to work every day to give you their best.

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Culture Metrics We Improve

      • Attracting and retaining quality employees
      • Teamwork/collaboration
      • Cooperation
      • Productivity
      • Engagement
      • Attendance
      • Focus
      • Honesty
      • Communication
      • Conscientiousness
      • Accuracy
      • Innovation
      • Quality
      • Safety
      • Successful outcomes to change
      • Competitive spirit
      • Product quality and service delivery
      • Customer experiences
      • Stronger customer relationships
      • Customer loyalty
      • Customer referrals
      • Employer brand and reputation
      • Employee referrals
      • Protection from poaching and wage wars
      • New business acquisition

Culture Goals

      • Keep everyone’s eye on the ball 
      • Build enthusiasm around the brand 
      • Promote a competitive and winning mindset
      • Give people meaningful reasons to believe in the brand
      • Eliminate negativity
      • Continuous improvement

Contact us today to learn how we can measure the performance of your culture through a culture assessment.

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