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Discover the health of your culture with our 11 Point Culture Assessment


Quiet quitting has become the modern term for employee disengagement.

It is a trend that will likely continue for any company that fails to focus on creating and fostering a healthy culture of continuous improvement and operational excellence. Quiet quitting is responsible for low productivity, increased absenteeism, lack of initiative to take on additional work or getting involved in workplace committees, and precipitous drops in employee morale. 

Quiet quitting is much like cancer – it isn’t detectable in its early stages, it gradually spreads to other ares of the workplace, and it isn’t noted until there are tangible signs of real problems, such as measurable decreases in productivity leading to consequences such as delayed shipments, increases in errors and mistakes, and more customer complaints.

During this time of the great reshuffling and the great resignation, it is more important than ever to stay in the know of how well your company is performing through regularly scheduled culture assessments.

Our culture assessment will measure how well your company’s culture is performing in critical areas, including: 

  • Its overall health (employee attitude and morale)
  • Obstacles getting in the way of teamwork, productivity and growth (e.g. technology, communication, petty internal politics, etc.)
  • Employee growth mindset (personal and corporate)
  • Perceived quality and stability of customer relationships
  • Employee loyalty and advocacy
  • Why good people leave and why they stay
  • How well your employees’ needs are being met
  • Leadership effectiveness
  • What employees are saying about your company that you need to hear
  • Urgent issues requiring your immediate attention
  • To what degree your people enjoy coming to work each day

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