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Employer Brand Development

With the low supply and high demand for people, you need to compete for them the same way you compete to win new customer relationships.

Some companies have figured out (or intuitively know) how to attract and retain a quality workforce. Others have no choice but to hire the best of the worst in a stack of applications or resumes while accepting low employee engagement and performance.

One of the leading and obvious solutions to this complex problem is to cultivate a strong employer brand and culture. Your employer brand must: 1) highlight the many benefits of working at your company, 2) showcase your culture, values and team members, 3) communicate career paths and opportunities, and 4) identify company perks.

Keep in mind that the good people know who they are. They know they are in high demand. They know you need them. Therefore, you’ll need to make sure your employer brand truly stands out so that your company is given priority consideration as prospective employees look for new employment opportunities.

Our employer brand development strategy will provide your company with:

  • Employer value propositions — meaningful and compelling reasons for high-quality candidates to join your company
  • An employer brand promise articulating the commitment you make to all employees
  • A personalized, customized playbook for building a culture to retain your top-performers and top-producers
  • A marketing plan for attracting high-quality candidates
  • Compelling content for your company’s careers page with strong calls to action to apply.
  • Assistance with modifying job descriptions to reflect the essence of your employer brand.
  • And much more…

So, let’s schedule a time to connect and we can discuss taking an easy first step with an 11-Point Culture Assessment.







Employer Brand metrics we improve

      • Awareness
      • Appeal
      • Consideration
      • Credibility
      • Attraction
      • Retention
      • Engagement
      • Productivity
      • Efficiency
      • More…

We will find out how your brand is viewed by...

      • Employees

      • Customers

      • End-users

      • Channel partners

      • Sales reps

      • Other…

Brand Development & Restoration

      • Identify the unique set of distinctions your company owns that make a positive difference in the lives of your customers.
      • Tell prospective customers precisely why they should do business with you!

How we make sure your brand succeeds

      • Validation
      • Values blueprint
      • Integration into culture
      • Ongoing measurement and evaluations

Schedule a call with us to talk about how we can measure your brand’s performance through a brand assessment.

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