By: Scott Seroka

You can feel it as soon as you walk through a door. The looks on faces. People’s body language. The sounds of silence or laughter.

When you have an unhealthy culture, you know it.

Culture and employee morale was challenging enough to manage in the olden days – you know, before COVID turned our worlds upside down. And for the last ten months, it’s likely that many of your people have had pressures placed on them they never needed to worry about in the past, and sometimes the stress of those pressures can feel unbearable.

Stressed employees are distracted employees. Distracted employees make more mistakes, are not as attentive, and can become more confrontational. On the plant floor, distracted employees are more prone to suffer potentially serious injuries.

As you know your employees are your greatest asset, and you need them to help you fight through tough times with you, consider doing a culture assessment to take the temperature of your culture to find out what people and what parts of your company need your additional support, attention and leadership.

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