Our Process

Manufacturing is all about the process. So is marketing.

As an industrial company, you’ll appreciate the process and structure we bring to your marketing function.

Seroka Industrial Branding uniquely employs Six Sigma methodologies to ensure marketing produces measurable results in terms of brand awareness, generating leads and increasing sales.

We Must Start With the Brand!

We want to make sure yours is differentiated well, clearly telling customers precisely why your company should be given top consideration.

Step 1: Employee, Customer, and Channel Partner Brand Assessments

Each group has different perceptions, experiences, and feelings about your brand, and we need to know what they are. During this assessment phase, we will also gain insights into criteria your customers used in the pre-sales phase of their relationship with you. They will also reveal what other companies they were considering before deciding to move forward with your company.

Step 2: Brand Discovery Workshop

During this workshop, we will explore your company’s brand, identity, values, competitive positioning, messaging, and buyer personas. Workshop participants must include your executive leadership team along with one person representing each department within your company, such as marketing, sales, service, accounting, HR, production, and administrative. Every one of these key stakeholders is important because each will bring a unique perspective to the depth and breadth of the discussions we will have during your workshop.

The output of our brand discovery will be:

  • Updated and enhanced unique selling propositions
  • A compelling brand promise
  • A new tagline that sums up the essence of your brand (if necessary)

Step 3: Internal Brand Launch

We’ll need to do an internal brand launch so that everyone within your organization will understand what your updated brand is, what it means, what it stands for, and its significance within your marketing initiatives. It’s critical for everyone at your company to believe in your brand and understand their role in delivering your brand promise. Brand training will be provided at this stage to create a top-performing, continuous improvement culture to ensure your brand is represented properly in all internal and external touchpoints.

Step 4: Competitive Assessments

We are going to get very familiar with your competitors. We’ll need to know each of their positions in the marketplace, how they differentiate their respective brands and the marketing messages they use to influence buying decisions. We’ll also need to understand what they are “selling” (e.g., technology, service, innovation, etc.) so that we intimately understand who you’re up against in the field and how we can position your brand to facilitate your marketing and sales efforts.

Step 5: Building and Implementing Your Strategic Marketing Plan

Now that we have completed the necessary steps to create the best possible brand for your company, we will build out the remaining components of your strategic marketing plan to include your:

  • Overall business and marketing objectives
  • Business summary
  • SWOTT analysis
  • Business initiatives
  • Buyer personas
  • Target market
  • Market strategy
  • Budget
  • Marketing channels
  • Marketing technology
  • Campaign measurement strategy

Next step? Implementation to get your marketing machine running to grow tyour business!

Step 6: Setting Up a Project Management System

Of course, we will establish a system that works best for you for ongoing collaboration and communication. We have experience working with many types of project management systems, such as monday.com, Wrike, Trello, etc., and we are well-versed in HubSpot. If you have an established system, we can integrate it or recommend improvements in the spirit of optimizing workflow efficiency.

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