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18 Point Brand Inspection Checklist

Instructions: Email this blog to your leadership team and schedule a time to inspect your brand in the following 18 categories. Your answers or lack of answers will give you an indication of how healthy, relevant, and meaningful your brand is to your employees, customers and channel partners.

Awareness: Do the right people know we exist?
Recognition: Do the right people recognize our name?
Understanding: Do people understand who we are, how we’re different, why we exist, and what we stand for?
Uniqueness: How are we truly different and better than our competitors? Can we prove it?
Relevance: How relevant is our product and service offerings to the needs of our customers?
Credibility: What is our reputation?
Preference: Do people prefer our brand over others? Which others? Do we know why?
Consideration: What percentage of people consider, or would consider buying from us?
Purchase Conversion: Have we been successful with winning business away from our competitors? If so, how? If not, why?
Delivery: Are we living up to customer expectations? Are we exceeding expectations? If not, how can we start?
Satisfaction: Do we have an impressive customer satisfaction score?
Advocacy: Do our customers recommend us to others? If not, why?
Stretch/Extension: Is our brand strong enough to enter into other categories successfully?
Customer Acquisition: Does our brand help us win new business? Or, do our salespeople need to spend extra time “educating” prospects on how we are different and better?
Customer Retention: How long do our customers stay with us? Do we have repeat buyers? If so, what percentage?
Share of Wallet: Are we a primary provider/supplier?
Price Premium: Do our customers see the value of paying more for our products/services?
Loyalty: How many of our customers would never consider leaving us?

There’s no doubt this checklist will lead to some very productive conversations…and outcomes.